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QingHuan Chinese Tea House

QingHuan Chinese Tea House


Sunday, 31 May 2009


Dear  loving readers,

The photo below is exactly what I have posted in my previous article. If you look at the photo once more, you may suspect something is amiss. You may click at the title of the post to access to my earlier post.

The correct position of packing of the travel set are illustrated below. For those who have spotted this mistake in my previous post, I would like to congratulate them for being so sharp to have spotted the mistake.

For those who did not, please do not be disappointed because this is the way to learn. On this basic, the lesson you learned tends to be retained longer.

When compare both the photos, you will know what I am trying to say.

The middle bowl bottom is firmly held by the inner divider whereas the four cups are slotted firmly into each hole of the divider. Once the lid is closed, the five items are firmed held together. Thus, it is prevented from moving from one corner to the other when you are traveling. Well designed and very detailed work.

Can someone tell me why it is not air tight?

The photo comprises of a complete travel tea set, 4 cups with 1 bowl and stainless steel tea canister. The travel tea set and canister are bought separately and you may bring all or some of them depending on your destination and purpose.

For instance, if I wanted to share some of my tea collection with some of my tea collectors' friends. Then, I will just bring the tea canister with the teas I intended to share with them.

One of my favorite tea pot and tea canister are shown at the photo below. Perfect companions.

At the photo shows an additional tea pot box. The tea pot fits well into the box for traveling purpose. The box together with the tea pot can then be packed into my hard surface suitcase.

Travel tea set with opened stainless steel canister..

Questions of the day:-

Is the stainless steel canister air tight? Why if the answer is yes?

Trust you enjoy it.

Cheers and have a lovely weekend.

James Oh

Thursday, 28 May 2009


Dear loving readers,

This post is purely talking about my travel tea set - one of my collections.

As the title of the post suggests, travel tea set is designed for the convenience of the passionate tea travelers, who love tea to be served in a preferred specific manner.

Below is the only travel tea set I bought a couple of years ago. I am very fortunate because I managed to get the very last piece they had at that time. I have not seen such similar set since then.

Below is the tea set which, come with a small travel bag, about eight inches length.

Photo 1

You may zip open the bag and there is a bamboo case inside it. Just slide the lid to open the bamboo container. The hollow lines of the lid, symbolize rules, is to let the air flow into the container. The bamboo is also waxed to reflect its natural shine of bamboo. Bamboo is used because of its water resistance.

Photo 2

You may find four (4) white ultra thin porcelain cups at four corners and a small bowl in the middle of the  container.

The cups and its bowl should be placed upside down and a bamboo cover with five holes, designed to fit well with the cups and bowl so as prevent them from shifting when traveling. Design is excellence and its quality of work is superb.

Photo 3

Photo 4

The inner cover comprises of five holes must be removed before the cups and bowl.

Photo 5

Trust you enjoy reading and appreciating the beauty of the tea set. Life is wonderful and all these are created to enrich our lives.

Do make use of it to enjoy every moment of our lives.

Cheers and have a lovely day,

James Oh

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Dear loving readers,

To beautify the tea drinking area, both Chinese paintings or Chinese Calligraphy are normally used. This is vital to create a tranquil environment.

To give you a real feel of it, below I have attached several such paintings for your viewing. These are the paintings I am thinking of using for my future tea corner.

To view my previous post on my present tea corner, please click at the title of the post. You may take a quick tour of my the tea corner.

I plan to create a new area for my tea corner segregating it from my dining hall. This corner will be solely used for tea preparation ceremony and entertaining guests. This area will display all my tea stuffs and its utensils, which is currently scatter every where in my house. That is the reason I need to consolidate them at one place - really promote this healthy culture and at the same time having fun.

Below are some of rosewood furniture I have in mind to decorate my future tea corner. Alternatively I may use rustic log table.

With all the above furniture and display cabinet, I will then be able to consolidate all my personal tea pots and related utensils into one place.

Please let me know, should you have any other ideas or plans for my consideration. Thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you,

James Oh

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Dear loving readers,

You are aware that a photo tells thousands of words. I write to share with you some of my personal collections.

In this connection, may I be allowed to take you for a tour at my tea corner.

Some of my personal tea cups, of more than 20 years, at my display cabinet and dark brown clay tea pot.

Photo 1

Different type of yellow clay tea pot, old but higher quality tea cups.

Photo 2

Rose wooden display cabinet with some of my personal collections obtained domestically and some countries I had visited.

Photo 3

Jointed, by string, bamboo slip with hand crafted ancient poetry and the warrior on it, which I bought from China.

Photo 4

Mechanical clock with my photo on top. It will strike at every half hour. The roman number of four is written as IIII instead of IV. Can someone tell me why ? Below it are Teak wood display magazine rack and desk.

Photo 5

Photo frame of Chinese painting of mountain top hanging at the wall give rises to cozy and breezy atmosphere while having meal at this dining table.

Photo 6

Photo 7
Pu'er tea being served at the rosewood dining table.

Photo 8
Since the photos above are taken around the four corners of the dining hall, you will be able to imagine that you will have something nice to view at each seat at the table. As such, you know why I used to rotate my seating position so as to appreciate every piece of my personal collections.

Trust you do enjoy the beauty of my tea corner, which is entertaining and enriching as well.

See you again.

Have a lovely day,


Friday, 1 May 2009


Dear valued visitors,

After a long talk on Pu'er tea, perhaps it is time for me to detour to see some green. You may just click on the title of this post. Sit back and enjoy.

You may wonder why I show you some of Bongsai trees, which I photographed from the Singapore Chinese Garden. It is because Bongsai trees blend well with art of tea drinking.

This will not only add color to the environment, but also achieve tranquility. Just imagine having tea, and facing this garden full of Bangsai trees. Lots of Bongsai tree lovers display them at their tea corner of their house. This may give you some idea for preparing your tea corner, if you desire to have one.

Look at the photos of greenery, you will feel really relaxed after taring long at your desktop.

I will take some photos in my forthcoming posts so as to give you a view of my little tea corner, with some of decorating items to enhance the atmosphere.

See you again,

James Oh

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